Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sophia's bedroom

I spent the last month working on the girls bedroom. I made new quilts and duvet cover and pom poms. I still have to make some pillows but I am ready to show some pictures of Sophia's bedroom.
I got the duvet at target and I used a set of full size sheet sewn together as a duvet cover. I probably cost me $45.00 not bad. The quilt was not as economic but I love Sarah Jane fabric"children at play" and it took me a month to make her and her sister quilt.
Than I wanted to use all the pompom I had in the garage from open house party and birthday party (if you ever made paper pompom you know that is difficult to get rid of them, they are so cute and full and girly). I put together some tissue paper pompom and paper lantern in different level and had to beg my husband to hang it on the wall. I even mentioned to him that I would love to have one in our bedroom to but the answer was no( you never know he might change his mind....)


Monica said...

Truly lovely!

June said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Sara! They must be over the moon.