Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Craft and Cupcake night

I wanted to have a cupcake and craft nigh from long time and I was finally able to get everyone together last week. We made a little box with four card and envelope and of course we had wine and cupcakes. This is a simple project everyone can do and it can be a nice present. We hope to get together once at month and do something crafty, even if sometimes with our husband being in the military is very challenging. Next time I have to remember to take picture of the other ladies project.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So long...

It has being so long since I posted last! So many things happened the last month: my husband finally come back home from school, my mom visited us and the pastry business took a lot of my time. But even if I did not post anything I still made a lot of things especially while my mom was here. She is very good on sewing so I took advantage of her, I wish I have her skills or at least she could live close by instead of another country. This top was the first project we work on(and the easiest one). I will attempt on making one again alone as soon as I can.