Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Canvases-Did a spelled it right? I will ask my husband when he gets back home. Anyway I saw at Michael's a pack of canvas(7)on sale and even if I had no clue what to do with it I had to grab it. That's what happen when I go to craft store I get this buying impulse and I can't stop myself..........
I decided to make hair bow holders considering I have two girls and a lot of hair accessories laying around the house. And I think they can also be used as pictures or notes holder. If you are curious to know how to make it this is the instructions:
1)put on top of the canvas a layer of batting and the fabric of your choice
2)staple the fabric on the back pulling thigh
3)create your design with ribbons or trim and staple on the back
4)with hot glue attach some embellish
5)sew-by hand- a piece of the same fabric on the back for a clean look(optional)

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