Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fairy House

This week I spent a lot of time blogging. And I saw at these beautiful fairy houses, you have to check her blog at Valentine Studio. It is breath taking. I got so inspired by than I wanted to make one for my little girl(she loves everything magical) for when my husband will have to deploy.
He has to leave soon so before he goes he will give this house to our daughter and he will tell her than he will not be able to see her every day but every night he will send a magical fairy to leave something special for her inside the house until the day he will be back. We hope this will help her cope with deployment,it is a cute way to let her know that daddy always think about her.


Kara Ward said...

Darling...I just love little houses. I could build neighborhoods for small creatures with all the ones I want to make...wink, wink.

Karen Valentine said...

Sara your birdhouse is absolutely darling!!!! I love it so much. It feels so good to inspire someone else creatively.(I'm usually the one being inspired) Hope you had as much fun making yours as I did!!!