Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday's project

Usually Saturday and Sunday are the two days I can start and finish my project. My husband is at home and can watch the girls wile I play with my crafts. So this week end I altered this bag for wine we bought at Trader's Joe. So next time I will go there I can use my cute bag. I'm planning to make my own grocery bags next.
If you want to know I altered this one, ask in the comment and I will be happy to explain you how.


maddy hill said...

oh wow you have done a terrific job on that bag - it looks fantastic !
it something i never thought of doing until i saw your blog ! love it ... im not a great seamtress myself ... ive had about two makes turn out good the rest were not wearable lol !
great bag !

maddy hill said...

Ive left you a little something on my blog x

Frenchee Le Trip said...

This looks great. Can you tell me how you do it? Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

Fleur de Provence said...

Sorry for the late reply but I was visiting my in-laws.
I got an already made wine bag at a local store than I glued a piece of heavy fabric on the two sides. For the design on the fabric I photocopied an image I had on fabric and stitched it on top of the striped one.
I will post a tutorial for this bag soon.